Last week, EquallyAble approved funding towards several organizations that are working to address the effect of COVID-19 on persons with disabilities. Fund was approved for the following areas:

1. US: Granted $25,000 and signed an MOU with Easter Seals for proposed support towards physical and mental telehealth services and to maintain existing community networks.

2. Global: Granted $30,000 towards immediate and long-term essential relief initiatives and virtual/digital empowerment for families, rural communities, and small businesses. 6000+ people benefited.

In all, EquallyAble has allocated $55,000 aiding in the fight against COVID-19. EquallyAble’s COVID-19 Disabilities Grants have reached and assisted 6,000+ people.

Despite the steps already taken to address the COVID-19 crisis, there are emerging cases and new hotspots are in dire need of our support. EquallyAble is currently working to identify patterns and communities that are in need, we remain committed to helping in the global effort to combat COVID-19.

Our hope now is to scale support to 50,000 individuals across the globe as fight COVID-19. We hope to pledge a total of $250,000 to make this happen. Your donations have had a tremendous impact thus far, we need your help to respond to increasingly dire circumstances.