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Programs that are Transforming the lives of People with Disabilities

Education Programs

EquallyAble’s Education Programs empower people with disabilities to get an education that helps them lead independent, fulfilling lives as contributing members of their communities. .

Equipment Programs

EquallyAble’s Equipment Programs are designed to empower people with disabilities to overcome obstacles to getting education, employment, or being an active member of their community.

Employment Programs

EquallyAble’s Employment Programs are designed to empower people with disabilities to support themselves and their families with independence and dignity.

Inclusion Programs

EquallyAble’s Inclusion Programs are designed to support the civic, economic, and social participation of people with disabilities in all spheres of our society.

How to apply

EquallyAble accepts applications from eligible candidates’ throughout the year. If you feel you have an exceptional need and would like to apply, use this link to download the application form. All applications are subject to the guidelines and rules contained within the application form.