During COVID19, Equallyable to work with a group of disability organizations to provide support and assistance to people with disabilities.

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EquallyAble Announces Youth with Disabilities Development Initiative

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People Say About EquallyAble

“l have seen EquallyAble in action and have appreciated their efforts and sincerity in their Work as they have changed the lives Of tens Of thousands of individuals with disabilities. I encourage everyone to support this organization.”


Donor on Great Nonprofits 9/12/18

“EquallyAble is committed to support, help and advise individuals with disabilities. EquallyAble always stands beside the needy person or family. They provide guidance when people need medical help, education, setting up business or anything as such.”


Volunteer 10/25/18

“A noble cause – a dedicated group and the impact of their work is visible immediately ! Supporting EquallyAble is uplifting. Thanks for all that your team does.”


Donor 9/12/2018

“A deeply empathetic, very efficiently-run, demonstrably effective non-profit focused on delivering ground-level services directly to those in need, guided by a founder with the sincere humility, honesty and passion that comes from personal experience.”


Donor 9/13/18

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Your Generous Donations Change Lives

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