Mavluda is 43 and lives with her son in Tajikistan.  She contracted polio when she was just one year old, resulting in the loss of use of both of her feet.  She rarely left her house, was totally reliant on her family, and often sat at home worrying.

Then Mavluda received her EquallyAble wheelchair, and it turned her life around. She told us,

“You gave me the possibility to get out of my house and move around. This wheelchair is the most important and best thing in my life and like a second pair of feet.”

Mavluda now participates in wheelchair basketball tournaments and dance performances.  She says that she has “come to understand that we can live life well.”

Your generous support changed Mavluda’s life – and the lives of 100 other individuals with disabilities in Tajikistan.  21 girls, 27 boys, 23 women, and 30 men were fitted with new wheelchairs in EquallyAble’s recently completed 1000 Wheelchairs project. Working with our partner Motivation UK, we identified those most in need, fitted them for wheelchairs, and provided training and support in how to use them.

Thank you for your continued support!  Together, we are changing lives.