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Turning Crutches into Wings

Sonu’s center is located in the interiors of Alwar. The street is not busy for most of the day, but the area around Sonu’s shop is always vibrant and packed with his clients. Since he has been associated with DEF, Sonu feels satisfied with what he has achieved in life by venturing as a Samarth SoochnaPreneur. He considers himself as “Samarth” in the very literal sense of the word.

Sonu does not let his disability meddle with his ability to help others. He has devised ways to reach out to people and makes sure that people are able to reach out to him as well. He covers short distances to reach out to his clients otherwise they come to his center directly. He has come a long way from being dependent on others to being self-sufficient. He says, “It feels good to be associated with DEF, working.” In his own words, life used to feel mundane since he became disabled and nothing made sense to him. He says that a disabled person is often looked upon as a burden and liability for others. However, he has felt a change in his social status and image. He finds that there has been a shift from his disability to his potential.

Your donation of only $150 can provide
a wheelchair to those most in need.

Through the Samarth SoochnaPreneur project funded by EquallyAble, he is able to provide for his family. He has found a new purpose in life and feels useful. He is happy with his newly acquired respect in society and does not consider himself lagging on any aspect. He thinks of himself manifolds better than his peers now that he is digitally abled. He serves as a role model for those who wish to see beyond their hurdles. In his own words, “If a man has potential, he can achieve anything.”