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Providing Access & Independence

Mala belongs to the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal in India. She belongs to a financially backward family and has had low vision since her birth. Life for her has always come with obstacles attached to her disability. However, her undying spirit to overcome all her difficulties made her a strong individual. She always wanted to financially support her family but was not aware of the ways from where she could support them. Fortunately, she was introduced to the power of digital literacy and the benefits through a campaign organized by EquallyAble with the Digital Empowerment Foundation in India.

She enrolled herself in the digital literacy course offered by Digital Empowerment Foundation, where she learned about ways digital technology can be used to offer simple solution to her community. She has since became a Samarth Soochnaprenuer, digital entrepreneur who supports her community by rendering help in online banking, booking online railway and flight tickets, government entitlements etc. By doing so, she is not only earning a living for her family but also supporting her community.

She is one among the many that received assistance under the EquallyAble GiveHope1000 initiative and support and cooperation by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India, Accenture and others.

Your donation of only $150 can provide
a wheelchair to those most in need.