Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

EquallyAble’s mission is to empower people with disabilities globally through inclusion and access to equipment, education, and employment.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been empowering people with disabilities around the world. We’ve touched thousands of lives through our powerful strategy of minimizing overhead and leveraging resources by:

Partnering with other nonprofits which have local staff and infrastructure - or " boots on the ground " in the many countries in which we operate;

Requiring matching funds from partners for our programs; and,

focusing on pilot programs to demonstrate effective solutions that inspire governments and other nonprofits to scale and expand the programs.

EquallyAble’s Vision is that all people with disabilities lead fulfilling lives with honor, dignity, and independence. Our work mainstreams people with disabilities and enables them to become contributing members of their communities. Our solutions not only assist individuals but also reach out to create inclusive societies which are welcoming of those with disabilities.

EquallyAble’s Values stress the careful stewardship of funds in the developing nations in which we work by partnering with only reputable, established providers, healthcare institutions, schools, and other organizations. We carefully vet all firms with which we associate, including verifying the proper government credentials, requiring detailed reporting, and randomly auditing results.

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