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Mohammed reminds us that an illness or injury can make any of us a person with a disability at any moment.

While working at a clothing shop, he fell and fractured his left leg. Without enough money for adequate medical care, his fractured leg led to a permanent disability. The disability led to his becoming unemployed, and he and his two school-age daughters became financially dependent upon his wife. Her paltry earnings as a maid simply could not cover the family’s basic expenses, leading to great hardship.

Earlier in his life, Mohammed had worked at a hotel and learned to cook. Ever since then, he had a dream of starting his own food business. But with no resources it remained a dream

Your donation of only $150 can provide
a wheelchair to those most in need.

Then Mohammed heard about EquallyAble’s GiveHope 1000 program to help people with disabilities start their own small business. With EquallyAble’s assistance, he was able to purchase the supplies and equipment he needed to start his own snack cart business.

Today, Mohammed takes great pride in being able to support himself and his family. And just as importantly, he is living his life with honor, dignity, and independence.