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Inspiration Has a New Name : IQBAL

Mohammed Iqbal serves as a role model for all those who dare to dream and work to achieve their dreams. Iqbal has hundred percent disability in his legs, but nothing stops him from aiming for the skies. Iqbal says that he has been at the receiving end of the social ridicule due to his disability, but that never deterred him from achieving what he wanted in life. Iqbal started his journey by learning computer in 2004, and earned his diploma in computer application in 2006. He then started working at a mobile shop, with a salary of 50 rupees (less an a dollar)per day. He did not marry, did not have kids, and was not under any pressure to contribute to household expenses.

He says that he has mapped entire Mewat city to get his education, and it has been a challenging task, given his disability status, which he took head on. He used to save his earnings and tried to alleviate his family’s economic conditions. He eventually started providing people with Aadhar Services. His work eventually hit a low. He looked at other work opportunities. It was then that he met Arif, a Soochnapreneur himself who was associated with DEF.

Your donation of only $150 can provide
a wheelchair to those most in need.

Iqbal identified this as an opportunity and got associated with Samarth Soochnapreneur (SSP) DEF. DEF has provided him with necessary means in life. He says that all the struggles that he faced have only pushed him towards his goal. He is the go to person in village for all the documents that need to be made, copied or printed. He is the link between villagers and administration.

Iqbal says that his work keeps him engaged for most hours of the day, but there is a satisfaction in his heart and as it is, the SSP Iqbal lives to fight another day.