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Going Online As Leaders

Khatun is a 35-year-old Samarth Soochnaprenueur, digital entreprenuer from eastern part of India. She has a locomotor disability that restricts her movement. However, her family always supported her goal to be self-reliant, unlike her peers and community members who always demotivated her. Jyotsna is one of the GOAL mentees from the GOAL (Going Online As Leaders)
Samarth program, an initiative of EquallyAble and Digital Empowerment Foundation.

Through the program, she enrolled herself in the digital literacy program where she was trained to use digital tools and the internet to access information. Soon after that, she started her own digital centre with EquallyAble and Digital Empowerment Foundation’s support, where she provides digital literacy to the community and also caters to their digital service needs like photocopy, enrollment in government schemes, etc. The centre has helped her in earning a steady income to support her family financially and at the same time it has also helped her in serving the community.

She is one among the many that received assistance under the EquallyAble GiveHope1000 initiative and support and cooperation by Digital Empowerment Foundation, India, Accenture and others.

Your donation of only $150 can provide
a wheelchair to those most in need.