The United Nations finds that youth with disabilities are likely to face severe socioeconomic and communal disparities when compared to youth that lives in similar communities. Young people with disabilities comes across exclusion, isolation, abuse. Youth with disabilities are excluded from education and economic opportunities that would allow them to use there talents and skills to transform the world.

EquallyAble, in its vision to empower people with disabilities, is working to address these disturbing disparities in hope that youth with disabilities do not feel marginalized, excluded, or isolated. We intend to address a number of aspects of youths’ lives to ensure that they have the tools to empower and create their own future. These programs intend to give youth with disabilities access to tools and programs that can help them grow and become involved in the communities they are part of in the United States of America and around the world.

These programs will fall into four specific areas:

Leadership Development Scholarships
We believe that youth with disabilities should have the opportunity to foster leadership skills and explore the careers they aspire to. EquallyAble will offer scholarships to youth with disabilities in the United States that give them access to leadership development conferences or similar training offered at various levels by reputed professional organizations or academic institutions.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) Up
Youth in disabilities should be part of global conversation and programs that discuss modern innovation in STEM. EquallyAble will explore options to provide new engagement platforms such as maker space and other innovative design spaces to students with disabilities to spur interest in STEM, and to create inclusive learning environments.

Disabilities Solutions Challenge
Students and researchers from around the leading universities in the United States will be invited to propose innovative solutions to long standing disability development issues with the possibility of solving them with scale and sustainability in mind. Cash prizes will be given to top three winning teams with promising solutions.

Study Abroad Scholarship
Irrespective of where one was born, youth with disabilities should be given the opportunity to study at an institution of their interest, irrespective of where they are from. The Study Abroad Scholarship will give students living in developing countries and underserved communities to peruse an education in the United States or other country of choice. EquallyAble will support students by assisting with tuition, room & board, as well as travel costs associated with study aboard.

EquallyAble’s mission is to empower people with disabilities globally through access to
education, equipment, education, and employment and inclusion. Since 2001, EquallyAble has cared about empowering people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives by providing educational, equipment and employment assistance around the world. Through its creative programs and initiatives, it has changed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals with disabilities in 12 countries, including creating over 500 small businesses. Learn more at