Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19), has a had a tremendous impact on communities globally, with around 1.5 Million confirmed cases of the virus across the world . Those communities with limited resources, generally underserved populations, and limited means of advocacy have suffered at a greater rate from the virus.

Within the United States, limited opportunities exist that provide people with disabilities access to physical, emotional health care, and existing policies may neglect the needs of people with disabilities further . Observes note that nations like India, without deliberate care, and large communities that are underserved, could see 40% of its population contaminated if deliberate steps are not taken to address inadequacies .

During these difficult times, EquallyAble is committed to assisting in the global fight against COVID-19 to bring help to underserved populations and people with disabilities in hopes that these communities do not disproportionally suffer from the global pandemic.

Equallyable is working with a group of disability organizations in the United States of America and around the world to provide support and assistance in as many ways as possible.

EquallyAble’s COVID disability relief initiative consists of:

Food and Essential Relief

Access to essentials such as food, grocery and other healthcare items and to ensure that essential items stay open to these communities that require assistance.

Physical and Mental Tele-Health Support

Provide tools and mechanisms for people with disabilities to interact with their physical and mental healthcare providers during lockdowns and stay at home situtaions.

Virtual and Digital Empowerment

Break traditional barriers to communication, interaction, and access by using digital technologies to empower and provide information to people with disabilities. receiving accurate information.

Lessons Learned and Crisis Analysis

Work with stakeholders and partners to gather data and cultivate new ideas for a path forward and to create a platform.

We are trying our best to provide support and respond to these unprecedent times and findingways to ensure that we play our part in supporting disability relief efforts worldwide.

EquallyAble’s mission is to empower people with disabilities globally through access to

education, equipment, education, and employment and inclusion. Since 2001, EquallyAble has cared about empowering people with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives by providing educational, equipment and employment assistance around the world.  Through its creative programs and initiatives, it has changed the lives of tens of thousands of individuals with disabilities in 12 countries, including creating over 500 small businesses. Learn more at