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Azizai, a young woman with cerebral palsy, lives at home with her parents, sister, and grandfather. She is unable to work but receives a small entitlement from the government. Even when supplemented with her parents’ wages, it usually does not cover her daily expenses.

Azizai and her family have faced a mixture of challenges originating even before her birth. As her mother explained, “In our culture, sons are more important than daughters. All parents want to have sons. Parents can imagine their family without daughters but not without sons. For me, it was very difficult to hear that I was going to give birth to not just a baby girl, but a disabled baby girl. But thankfully I was not forced by my in-laws to abort her and I brought her into this world.”

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For the early portion of Azizai’s life, her mobility was reliant upon on a small baby stroller. It failed to give her adequate head support and led to her being restricted to activities in her yard. In her culture, it was sham