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Amin and Anil

Amin and Anil lived in a small village without even basic services like electricity in their homes. Added to this plight were their disabilities, which had rendered them unemployed and poor. They lacked any options to make a living to support themselves and their families.

Nuzvid, India, a small village in Andhra Pradesh, a state that’s known for its rich heritage and famous for its mangos and educational institutions. There is a school called Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), and out of the hundreds students who go there, enter two. These boys are close friends (names are changed for privacy reason).
Notice something in particular about one of them. His name is Anil, and he cannot walk, because of the polio that attacked his lower body many years ago. His family could not afford a wheelchair for Anil to go to school. Anil’s future held nothing for him. He though he’d sit by the window, watching all of his neighborhood friends go to school while all he probably could do was watch them, and only hope that somewhere there was a flicker of hope that would miraculously get his family enough money to pay for a wheelchair.

But not for long did Anil stay at home. His close friend is the other boy with Anil this day that we are watching them. His name is Ahmed. He hears about Anil and the polio that clenched his legs and would not let go. Ahmed does not have to think for long. He knows what he has to for Anil as a friend.

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The next morning before school Ahmed shows up at Anil’s doorstep. When asked why, Ahmed says, “I am here to take Anil to school.”
He cannot walk,” says Anil’s mother.
“I am aware,” says Ahmed. “I will carry him on my back to school. Anil must learn.

Anil’s mother’s joy cannot be expressed, and neither can Anil’s And so, Ahmed carries Anil on his back to school every single day from his home to the IIIT. And then in the hot, sticky afternoon air, he carries him home again.

EquallyAble came to know about this scenario. It provided Anil with a wheelchair to help him go back and forth to school easily. Anil will continue his education…and his friendship with Ahmed since he came in to show him a new path in a town with different religious overtones and cultures